Since incorporation in 1999, OM Tea Private Limited has it’s corporate guidelines to not only trading of tea but also to maintain the quality of tea which has been assorted from the different tea of Darjeeling, Assam and Dooars, South India. As a manufacturing unit, OM Tea Private Limited also has that scope to be experimental-blending the different types of tea to get variation of taste, colour and aroma. OM Tea Private Limited. , the manufacturer of “Royal Cup” brand has a tremendous acceptance within the country and has a very good pace in domestic market. A perfect blend of nature, Cupful of richness. It's a classic Blend of Indian Tea. It has rich, full - bodied brew and delicious aroma..

Herbal tea formulas prepared with boiling water have a long history of safe and beneficial use as a delivery system for the digestion of botanical preparations. By contrast, capsules and tablets containing herbal extracts are relatively new delivery systems for botanicals and, while they may eventually prove to be comparable, they do not enjoy the long traditional usage that teas do. Since time immemorial people have been preparing herbal teas to extract and yield a broad spectrum of the plant's water-soluble constituents. Many national pharmacopoeias and their corresponding formularies throughout the world still specify using cut, dried herbs prepared as tea as the 'Mode of Administration'. While the choice of delivery system is one of personal preference, whether it is infusion, decoction, fluid extract or tincture, the quality of the herbs used and how they are processed and packaged is of the greatest importance.

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